Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Truffle Eggs

Eggs are a staple in the diet of those who follow a Paleo or Slow (Low) Carb lifestyle. Loading up on protein is important for weight loss. Eggs are a quick and easy source. Down 5 or 6 in the morning to rev up your metabolism. Add more still after your workout to help with muscle repair. You'd be amazed at the egg cartons that accumulate in my recycle bin.
But wait aren't eggs bad for you? Eggs get a bad wrap because of their cholesterol content. However, the research just isn't there to support that eating eggs affects blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol has become one of those demonized terms in popular culture and medicine. This fear exists despite the fact that cholesterol is a necessary molecule for synthesizing hormones, cell membranes, vitamin D, and maintaining nerve health and function. We rely on our livers to regulate cholesterol levels as our body needs it. There is little evidence that high cholesterol diets contribute to cardiovascular disease or similar conditions. That's right high cholesterol has little to do with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This notion is far from new and revolutionary, in fact its starting to become a mainstream idea that I will reference again and again on this blog. To avoid a long diatribe I will direct you to this video:
With the big push in nutrition and public health to eat 'real food,' it doesn't get more real than eggs. Eggs are loaded with vitamins and minerals that add to their protein benefits. Their fat content is primarily polyunsaturated so it is important to choose omega-3 eggs which are usually from chickens fed flax. Load up on omega-3 eggs for their anti-inflammatory benefit. Just because the carton says vegetarian fed chickens don't assume they were fed flax or omega-3 enriched grain. Be sure to pick ones that specifically say omega-3 or list their content of EPA and DHA on the label.
I like eggs—I really do. But no matter how you cook them or whip them up, eggs can be boring. I'm always trying to think up news ways to keep eggs interesting. Eggs with hot sauce. Eggs fried in truffle butter. Eggs with tomato. Eggs with fresh herbs.
The latest wave of egg innovation in my kitchen is eggs with truffle salt. Hard-boiled eggs get lightly dipped in black truffle salt which makes eating 2 or 3... or 6 much easier to swallow. This flavored salt is tasty! And it has the added bonus of giving me a dose of sea salt in the morning when I really need it.
If you have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia have you ever checked your blood pressure first thing in the morning? Does it read low? (Mine runs 80/60) This phenomenon is known as orthostatic hypotension. Have you ever felt dizzy upon standing too quickly? This is a similar experience as orthostatic hypotension but often blood pressure can take far longer to normalize. Just a small amount of salt first thing in the morning may give you the tiny bump in blood pressure that will get your head out of the clouds.
The variety of flavored salts is staggering. Explore the many options that Fusion has to offer on their website. Can you imagine espresso flavored salt on your next steak? Or vanilla salt on top of caramels? Ok, that one isn't Paleo but we can cheat right? I want to try them all.

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